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Welcome to
Japan Karate Association Los Angeles.
None Profit Organization


Please come join us for Authentic Traditional Shotokan Karate Club.


Welcome to JKA Los Angeles 

We are the only one JKA Dojo in Southern California and training under official licensed JKA instructors in Los Angeles.  JKA Los Angeles is member of WKF USA which is USA National Karate-Do Organization 


Welcome Ages 4 years and up


We welcome all age group. Please do not worry about your ages. Some students start Karate at age over 60 years old and try to get Black belt by over 70 years old. 

2019 JKA/WF America JKA 2019 National Camp and Tournament


Please join 2019 National Camp in Santa Fe, New Mexico on Jun 20 through Jun 23rd

Japan Karate Association Training Program


We are official JKA Dojo here in Los Angeles, Southern California.

We are using exactly same program in Japan and here by instructed Japan Karate Association Headquarter.

US National Karate Do-Organization


USA National Karate-Do Organization

Nikkei Game 2019 Aug.



  US National Karate-Do Federation

** Summer Special has some restrictions and Free uniform is only certain sizes. The children are only under 15 years old. Please call for more information.

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We are JKA None Profit Karate Club.

Please Join US! Try Our Special Free Trial Class!


We are member of JKA WF/America, Japan Karate Association.

We are the official JKA Karate Club in Los Angeles


We are the only One official JKA Dojo in Los Angeles.

We are the JKA Southern California Headquarter


We are only one JKA Dojo in Southern California.

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Please come join us for Special Free Training!

Monday (1st & 3rd week only): 6:15PM to 8:15PM

Wed: 6:30-8:30PM &  Sat: 5:00-7:30PM 

Please feel free to contact us by phone or email to further information.  

JKA Los Angeles

San Gabriel Japanese Community Center: 5019 Encinita Ave, Temple City, California 91780, USA

(626) 274-2579